Welcome to the online portfolio of Dutch Design Dame! My name is Anouk and I am living on the lovely Dutch island Goeree-Overflakkee, together with my boyfriend and dog.

I do accept projects that relate to children’s books, editorial illustrations, non-profit and personal illustrations. Please contact me for more information and to check if I am available!

Career & Education
As long as I know, creativeness and drawing play an important part in my live. Because of that reason I studied Industrial Design Engineering and it is also one of the reasons that I am now working as an illustrator. This gives me the opportunity to do the thing I feel truly passionate about. And where I believe I can make a change by moving people with my work.

Next to my passion for illustrations, I have a passion for sustainability. Before my freelancing career I worked as a sustainability consultant. I loved that job, but I love being my own boss even more. I am now (part time) studying Ecological Garden Design with the desire to add this to my freelance activities someday.

Do you still have a question? Please contact me on info@dutchdesigndame.com.


Education related to Art & Design

  • M.Sc. Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft | A broad study with high level (product) drawing lessons, marketing, engineering, etc.
  • Graphic Design, Grafish Lyceum Rotterdam | Basic year in Graphic Design.
  • Ecological Garden Design, IPD |Ongoing. Something different, but visualization is definitely included here! (perspective, isometric drawings,..)

Job experience

  • Freelance work with the focus on illustration |Current job since 2019.
  • Sustainability consultant at an Engineering and Consultancy company, RPS
  • Freelance work, mostly in graphic and webdesign |Side jobs next to my education.

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